Wednesday, October 31, 2012

6 Ways To Make Outerwear Look Good

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Emma Watson
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Fall and winter weather call for sweaters, jackets, layers, and overall bulkiness which can make you feel like a complete frump. Now there is no  way you can go out without at least a jacket, but you can make your outerwear and sweater more fitted. Try out these tips to make sure you look good while staying warm and cozy in your outerwear.
  1. Fitted Jackets! Fitted jackets work like blazers, they help to keep with and define our frame. Fitted jackets are perfect for the fall because they are not too heavy, but will still keep you warm.
  2. Stand Out Color! Outerwear in dark colors can get old, try it in a vibrant grey, bright whites, or even be bold and go for reds or purples. The colors take away from all the extra layers and make your look shine.
  3. Try It On! You're always supposed to try clothing on before making the purchase, but you especially need to follow this rule with sweaters and jackets. A too big sweater will look super baggy on you and not fit under your jacket and a too small jacket will not go over your outfit.
  4. Thin Sweaters! A thin sweater may seem like a contradiction of the whole point of a sweater, but it actually works better. A thin sweater is easy to layer with, it can go underneath leather and fur vests, jackets, and more.
  5. Belt it! The best thing you can ever do is define your waist which can be done with wide or medium belt. The belt will showcase the tiniest part of your body and even give you an hourglass shape effect.
  6. Bows, Studs, and Details! Accessories will always lighten up our outfit and make it come to life instead of a dud. Adding clip on bows to neckline, studs to color, using print/pattern, anything to add detail to your overall look will make your sweaters and outwear more fun.

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