Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beauty 101: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams looked drop dead gorgeous at the 2012 Academy Awards. Michelle had major confidence, an amazing dress, and beautiful, radiant make-up. I love her pixie cut, it shows off her facial features and gives off such a sweet vibe. Michelle's beauty look is also amazing and can even be transformed into an everyday look. Her entire beauty look is perfect for spring, especially the flirty lip color. Let's recreate the look chicas!
  1. Start off with a clean face and apply tinted moisturizer. You do not need any heavy concealer or foundation because we want the look to stay very light.
  2. Apply primer to your eyes and then add a shimmery flesh tone shadow. Only put the shadow up to your crease, not too much.
  3. Now draw a thin line with an eyeliner pencil right by the lash line. Lightly line your waterline as well. Don't forget to add a few coats of mascara.
  4. Take some sheer, rosy pink blush and brush it on the apple of your cheeks.
  5. Now for the statement! Put some primer on your lips, this allows the lipstick to stay on even longer. Apply any lipstick color such a peach, tangerine, or a light pink.
  6. Add a gloss over your lipstick for more shine.
I love this beauty look, colorful fit right into spring. Try it out ladies!

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