Monday, February 20, 2012

Fashion 101: Wet Hair For Spring

Wet hair seems to be the hair trend for Spring 2012. The hair itself is not actually dripping wet, but is achieved by using hair gels and serums. The look first appeared during New York Fashion Week for spring 2012. The look can used when wearing hair straight down or in ponytails or other updos. Personally I think the hair trend is cute when done right. I fear that some gels and serums may give off the wet look, but the hair itself ,ay be sticky and hard. I think I am better off with having my hair feel and appear dry this spring. If you can rock the wet hair trend, be confident and do it!

What do you think of the wet hair trend for spring?


  1. hi! i like your blog! we may follow each other, if u want) i'll be very happy)

  2. I like this idea as well. I'm only concern about which gels and serums to use without drying out the hair, damaging it and causing it to shed. If you come across some recommended gels, let us know!!!

  3. Hi love, sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the comment! I like your blog and im following back :) X


  4. i like it!

  5. I'm not sure, I HAVE to wash my hair straight away if I get something in it. So making it super sticky isn't for me!


  6. I love this trend and have always personally preferred the way my hair looks when it is wet and used to go for the wet hair look in high school!


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