Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion 101: Shoe and Purse Cravings

Colorful Wedges

Jewel Sandals

Floral Heels

Stacked Flats

Spring Colorful Purse

Colorful Clutches and Across the Shoulder Bags
I went to DSW ( Designer Shoe Warehouse) recently and they had the perfect spring display of shoes and purses. I immediately wanted every shoe I saw and since I was just looking, I decided to take pictures to share. I fell in love with all the wedges because they are my favorite type of shoe for spring, they're easy to walk in and make every girl's legs look great! I also really like sandals for sprong, but they must have a standout feature like the jewels and dangles on the sandals pictured above.  The sacked flats were amazing and I actually remember seeing a pair featured in a magazine spread. Lastly, I am a purse lover and the purses above are perfect for spring, especially the color schemes. Hope you enjoy chicas and get inspired for spring!


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