Monday, February 20, 2012

Get The Look: Kat Graham Standout Beauty

Kat Graham Beauty Look

Kat Graham always stands out and takes risk with both fashion and beauty. She has to be one of my favorite celebrities and role models because she is so confident and empowering. Her make-up look her is perect for prom or any event that you want to be the center of attention. Kat's hair is also gorgeous as it is swept to the side with beautiful waves.
  1. Start off the look with a clean face. Add concealer and foundation as necessary, but don't make it too cakey.
  2. Use a primer or base on your entire face, especially your eyes, cheeks, and even your lips.
  3. Contur your face with a rosy, brown blush.  Brush on the blush fom your cheeks up to your temples.
  4. Create crisp lines for your eyeshadow by putting tape on the outside of your eyes. Then brush on a white eyeshadow on your browbone for your highlight.
  5. Use a dark pink eyeshadow on the rest of your lid and a little bit of gold shadow right by your lashline.
  6. Take a jet black liquid liner and line your eyes and mascara to coat your lashes.
  7. Make your eyebrows powerful by using an eyebrow pencil and make soft lines of definition.
  8. For the big statment use a hot pink lipstick on your lips, even add gloss over it. Also, you can use different color and sized jewels on the outside coners of your eyes.
Kat's hair can be easily recreated on medium to long hair. Curl your hair lightly and make soft waves and brush them to the side. Make sure to pin the back! Use a brush and hairspray to create the perfect wave going across the top of your head. Rock tthe lock chicas!

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