Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get The Look: Edgy for Prom

There is no rule that you must wear a long, frilly dress for prom. Short dresses make are different and short, edgy dresses make an impact. Confidence is needed to rock an edgy dress to prom and so are awesome accesories. Try out these Miranda Cosgrove inspired prom looks!
Miranda Cosgrove Look #1
Look #1 includes a dark blue/black dress which goes A-line with a petticoat bottm right at the waist creating some curve in the body. It also has straps meaning no strapless bra worries! She has very minimal accesories which makes the dress stand out as a center piece. The sheer black, heels, and awesome clutch help give the look extra oomph! Don't forget about the hair and make-up! She keeps her make-up very natural and pretty with a gorgeous pink lip. Miranda's hair has a nice glossy shine and bouncy curls all slicked to one side. Even her bang is beautiful as it  is neatly pinned backwards.
Miranda Cosgrove Look #2
 Miranda's look is very fun and edgy and really will add some light to the party. She is wearing a bright colored dress with an edgy zipper accent  and plays it up with cool accesories. Any bright colored dress can work and give off the same vibe as Miranda's. The black chunky bracelets, statement necklace, and unique circular purse really give the look a playful, unexpected feel. Any girl willing to take a risk and standout should try out this look. Miranda's make-up look is also kept simple her except black lined eyes and rosy pink lip. And you can't miss her beautiful pin straight long hair that frames her face perfectly.

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