Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Beautiful and Healthy Nails

We don't always have time to polish our nails and do killer manicures so its good to keep our natural nails looking nice. Usually ladies have problems with stained, broken, and/or peeling nails, none of those are very attractive. To treat stained nails I suggest wiping your nails with any type of lemon juice ora lemon in general and to avoid staining your nails again make sure to always start off with a clear basecoat before polishing your nails. Also, some nails or not stained, they are just discolored which most likely is the result of your body telling you that you have a vitamin deficiency. The nest tips for breaking and peeling nails is to let your nails be free! No polishing, fake nails, or nail polish remover needs to be used on your nail for a good bit. The only product that would be best to use is a nail strengthening serum or a nail ridge filler, anything that serves to help your nail. Hopefully these tips will help your natural nails to be beautiful and healthy.

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