Monday, February 20, 2012

Natural Beauty Challenge Week One

And the Natural Beauty Challenge begins! Week One will consist of keeping clean and starting slow. Make sure to wash your face in the mornings and when you are getting ready for bed, if you play sports or have oily skin you may need splash your face with water in the afternoon as well. Be sure to use warm water and not scrub the face, but gently rub it with your fingers or a soft facial cloth. You can also add in a good facial soap, but be sure it is a soap specifically for your face. Using warm water on acne spots will also help for acne to go away and open up pores so they can breath . When you are done, splash cold water on your face to help close back your pores so bacteria and dirt will not seep back through. As for our hair make sure ot keep it moisturized and get the split and dead ends trimmed or cut off now. Trimming off dead and split ends will instantly make your grow better and look instantly more healthy. Join the Natural Beauty Challenge chicas to start looking your personal best!

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