Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Sparkly Ombre Nails

I am loving my nails! I practiced on a nail art wheel and created lots of nail designs and art until I was happy and statisfied. I became inspired to do this nail design after seeing pictures of nail stickers and I decided to recreate them. Nail stickers are great, but after a while the cost of buying them can add up and I'd rather create the design myself.  Ombre nails are actually very easy to do on both hands and can be done very quickly. The silver sparkle even adds more glam power! And don't worry you can use any nails polish colors to do this design.
  1. Grab a clear base and top coat, a sparkly nail polish, and two of the sma
  2. Begin by washing your hands and cleaning your nails with nail polish remover. Do this step even if you don't have on previous nail polish.
  3. Coat your nails with a top coat, this helps your polish to stay on longer.
  4. Polish the top to the middle of your nail with you darkest polish. Let it be a little bit messy when you get to the middle of your nail.
  5. Take your medium shade polish and brush it from the middle and let the color fade into the bottom. Mix it in with the dark polish to create a new color.\
  6. Use your sparkly polish and paint right by your cuticle and take it up to the beginning of the medium polish. Let it mix in with the medium polish to create a new sparkyl color.
  7. Let your nails dry for about ten minutes. Do not immediately put on your top coat, all the colors will run together and be ruined.
  8. After your nails are a little over halfway dry puton your clear top coat and contiue to let your nails dry.
  9. Now your nails are finished and look amazing
If it doesn't work out the first time remember be patient and  practice makes perfect chica!


  1. thanks for your comment! Your nails look beautiful. I love them! Your blog is fantastic. I'm following you now :)

  2. wow stunning nails!!


  3. Love the nails! And great explanation on how to achieve them. Thank you!

  4. Thank u!! Followed u back!

  5. Wow they look amazing wish i could do that myself but im pretty unsteady with the brush lol
    Fee x

  6. Wow this is just amazing!! I absolutely love this design!!! Great Blog!!
    Lots of Love Amen Fashion 17

  7. looks great, I'm going to try it out!

  8. lovely nail design :) i wish i would be as talented as you :)

  9. I saw this on chictopia a couple months back and I've been waiting to do it! Like the outcome!

  10. Oh wow, love these ombre nails! They're gorgeous.
    I'm going to have to try these sometime :)

  11. love how the tips look! thank you for the award! it means a lot :)))

  12. loving the ombre nails - they're gorgeous!
    such a good idea :)


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  13. Good job! Lovely nail polishh<

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  15. Hi sweety :) thanks so much for your comment and for liking my blog enough to follow me...i really appreciate it, and I am your newest follower! yay! i love your ombre nails, anything with a lil' sparkle has me sold ^.^
    hope you're having a great day
    xoxo Stephi

  16. Love the nails,hun!I'm gonna try it definitely!

  17. Thanks for following me, I'll follow you back.

    Beautiful nails, I'll try to find time to make something like that.



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