Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hair 101: Fabulous Ponytails

Beyonce Knowles
Mila Kunis
Kim Kardashion
Ponytails are a girl's best friend on a bad hair day, but I actually love ponytails for any day. Ponytails can go from edgy, girly, to super chic in seconds and look great on anyone! They also help show off beautiful, radiant faces. The above pictures are some of my favorite ponytail looks rocked by celebs! Beyonce's ponytails shows off her nice cat eyes and glowing skin. Her ponytails is slicked back low to the nape of her neck with gorgeous curls falling down her back. Mila Kunis' ponytail is super fun and easy to recreate. Mila's hair is pulled back into a loose, curly pony that sits at about the middle of the head. This ponytail is perfect for anytime and give off a carefree relaxed vibe. Kim Kardashion ponytail is ultra chic. She slicks all hair up into  a high ponytail with hair serum. She also leaves her hair super straight as it lays down her back. Try out all different types of ponytails and find what works for you!


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  2. The ponytail is usually what I do when I don't want to mess too much with my hair. Mine never seem to come out as nice as these.

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