Friday, February 24, 2012

Hair 101: Dip Dyed Hair

Jessie J
Jessie J is always bold! I love the contrast between the purple and black in her hair.
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez shocked me when she put blue and purple in hair. The colors are very vibrant, but she is confident and rocks it!
Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks is gorgeous! The purple blends well with her natural hair color and is just perfect. I wonder how it looks curly.

The dip dyed hair trend has been seen on many celebrities and every day people. I love the trend, but only when done right. My favorite dip dyed hair look is on Jordin Sparks. Jordin Sparks' colored hair blends in to look almost natural, but still fun and unexpected. Never go to bright with dip dyed hair, it may take away from your whole look and most importantly your beautiful face. I am not one to use hair color on my hair, but if I did I would love to try dip dyed hair.

How do you feel about dip dyed hair?


  1. Looks good on them but not something for me,

  2. Lovely! xx

  3. Wow! These pics really made me wanting to do something to my own hair :D I just love Jessie J's look!

    Great blog, would u like to follow each other?

  4. i really like the funky colors, it's so fun xx My Blog: Boho Vanity

  5. i love it. Even with outwashed colors. Id love it myself, but i dont want to kill my hair with bleach

  6. I love it, I've been really wanting to try it. But I think I'll wait til summer I'm not a big fan of doing drastic hairdo's in Winter since it makes it sooooo hard to show them off!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, it's funny I get that all the time but I don't think her and I favor at all... beautiful girl though.

    Keep up the good work on your blog and visit I Wore That ( often =)

  7. Lyndsey!

    Thanks so much for the positive comment! I'm always happy when someone enjoys my work! Im so happy to have found your blog! I am your newest follower! I love the dip dye hair trend... Ive trying to achieve something similar with mine but I think it will take a couple more trips to my hair dresser (over a long period of time while i save up for each visit) to get the look im going for. Hope to hear from you soon!



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