Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Heart-O-Gram Nails

 Get this Heart-O-Gram nail design for Valentine's Day!

 Above are all the nail polishes and colors used in this nail design. Don't forget to start with clean nails coated with a clear base coat.

 Paint your nails a dark black polish. After the black polish has dried, glide on a light, shimmery color.

Once your main polishes have dried, begin making cardiogram lines on every finger except your thumb. The lines can go from straight to upwards and back down, anything goes. On your thumb carefully outline a heart shape and then fill it in. For a pop of color, outline the heart in any bright nail polish color.

Above is the two clear polishes needed to ensure the polish to stay in tact. The base coat is needed so that the dark polish doesn't stain your natural nail. The top coat helps the nail polish to dry much faster and not chip as easily.

Try out this nail look for Valentine's Day ladies!

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