Monday, February 27, 2012

Hair 101: Roughed Up Side Braid

Amanda Seyfried is a true natural beauty and a fantastic actress. Amanda's hairstyle in the photograph is just gorgeous and perfect for girls with longer hair. It will even turn out better when the hair is very thick. This hairstyle is perfect after a day of wear curly or wavy hair that you aren't ready to wash away.
  1. Start with hair that has not been washed for about a day or two.
  2. If you wish to have waves in the braid, curl big sections in the hair. It does not have to be perfect so don't stress if some curls are not the best.
  3. Brush all your hair smooth onto one side. Loosely secure the hair with a ponytail holder.
  4. Begin braiding your hair and secure the bottom with a ponytail holder. Take off the first ponytail holder once the braid is finsihed
  5. Start pulling some of the hair to loosen up th braid and make it expand bigger. Almost like teasing the hair, but with your fingers.
  6. Let some pieces hang loose and frame your face. Spray the hair with hairspray if needed.
Now the hairstyle is complete! If it does not come out as you wish the first time, keep practicing or change the steps to fit you. Rock the roughed up side braid chicas.


  1. Thank you! Love the braid :)
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  4. Loving this look... haven't seen it before. Thanx for posting :)

  5. I love the hair she is beautiful also <3



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